Vice President Huckabee?

From a purely electoral standpoint, Mike Huckabee would seem to make perfect sense as John McCain's running mate, a Christian yin to McCain's agnostic yang that would give the Republican ticket extra oomph in the South, which Huckabee carried last night. But while Huckabee seems to be a super likable guy with an admirable populist streak (and a wife who looks like Willard Scott) who will buck party orthodox in an effort to help average Joes, he knows less about foreign policy than I do -- and I don't know much. Next consider that, at age 71, the odds of McCain perishing, thus creating a Huckabee Presidency, are better than with other candidates. God forbid that should happen; but if it does happen, that should be enough to scare anybody away from that ticket -- including, hopefully, McCain himself.

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