Vaginagate's Happy Ending

Remember those vadgetastic Vagina Monologues ads that the Seattle Times refused to print? Well, Times or not, they proved pretty successful, as both performances were at or near capacity at MOHAI this past Sunday, Lauren Simonds is happy to report. Simonds, you'll recall, is the executive director of the event's main sponsor, the National Council of Jewish Women's Seattle chapter, which had to hire security after receiving anti-Semitic phone threats in response to the Daily Weekly's initial dispatch on the controversy. But aside from a minor scare, Sunday's performances went swimmingly. Says Simonds: "The performances were exceptional! The 4PM show was sold out, and the 7PM show was very well attended. We had one non-violent incident with a suspicious person whom our security spoke with, and when he was clear that he did not intend to purchase a ticket, he was asked to leave since it was after 5PM and therefore the museum was not open to the public."

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