Once More for the People in the Cheap Seats: The Primary Doesn't Count

Last night I asked a friend if he planned to caucus. His response: "No, I'll just send in my absentee ballot." Earlier this week Secretary of State Sam Reed held a crack 'o dawn conference call to give his prediction for primary turnout in light of the still close Democratic contest after Super Duper Tuesday. He expects 47 percent of registered voters to participate in the Feb. 19 primary. He's been going gangbusters on the promotion for this thing that--particularly in light of John McCain having the Republican nomination locked up--amounts to nothing more than a $9.6 million straw poll.

I asked if he thought his promotion of the primary (which never mentions the caucuses) was causing some confusion among voters--he said no. I realize the "my friend says" criteria has never been particularly accurate, but at the Obama return-watching party Tuesday, the volunteers were frantically making the rounds reminding everyone that Feb. 19 was irrelevant and they had to show up for the caucus if they wanted to support their guy, or lady if that's how you're leaning.

So here's a last reminder: the caucuses start at 1 p.m. tomorrow. If you're a Dem and want to have any say in who becomes the party nominee, that mail-in ballot sitting on your coffee table won't help you. Find your caucuses here if you're a Democrat and here if you vote GOP.

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