Moneywise, Obama Has It

obam.jpg "In Seattle, the word is 'Broadmoor'"

Even without having yet reported his Washington state contributions for the last quarter of 2007, Barack Obama still leads in the dollar race with Hillary Clinton - who has reported her latest presidential campaign donations.

Clinton yesterday said she’d raised around $975,000 here last year, while her Democratic rival Obama, who is late in filing his year-end report, had already raised $1 million as of three months ago, according to Almost $900,000 of it came from the metro Seattle-Tacoma-Everett area, and $83,000 of that was given by donors living in one Seattle zip code, 98112 -- Capitol Hill to Lake Washington, and the shipping canal to Denny Way. Included are many of Seattle's wealthiest and whitest neighborhoods, the moneyed lakefront and Broadmoor enclaves among them.

Mitt Romney led all Republican campaigners with $690,000 from state donors in 2007. He was the top money-getter in the Portland-Vancouver area and was drawing heavily from Eastern Washington, except in Spokane where, until he dropped out the other day, Rudy Giuliani was No. 1. in fundraising. Romeny also leads the GOP nationally with $88.5 million collected last year, far outdistancing John McCain's $41 million, according to the new figures.

Obama’s yet-unreported fourth quarter take nationally is estimated to be around $22 million, which would put him somewhere around $100 million for the year, about $15 million behind Hillary in the 2007 moneyrace nationally. However, Obama's campaign yesterday reported he’d raised an astonishing $32 million last month alone. That is the most ever for the month of January in a presidential election year, according to the Federal Election Commission.

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