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Greenpeace and Rep. Dave Reichert. The environmental organization is out this afternoon with another 'Yay Reichert!' press release. Here's an excerpt:

(SEATTLE, February 27, 2008) -- Greenpeace applauds Rep. Reichert for voting in favor of the Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation Act of 2008 (HR 5351). This bill continues significant benefits to clean, renewable energy, energy conservation, and it cuts tax breaks that benefit the oil companies at a time when they are making record profits and gas prices are spiking. This is a critical step forward to continue promoting clean, domestic sources of energy.

It ends with a challenge:

The next move for Rep. Reichert is to support the strongest global warming bill in the House of Representatives, the Safe Climate Act. Rep. Reichert owes it to his constituents to support science-based, comprehensive solutions to global warming.

A local Greenpeace rep told me last spring that Reichert was on their "project hot seat" list for his race this year against two-time challenger Darcy Burner. Reichert is clearly feeling the heat. He was one of only 17 House Republicans to vote for the bill.

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