Council-Men Back Obama

Council members Richard Conlin, Richard McIver, Nick Licata, Tom Rasmussen, Tim Burgess and Bruce Harrell have announced their enthusiastic support for Barack Obama-- a rare example of a council majority easily agreeing with the mayor. A bellwether perhaps?

They declare their endorsement in a letter to be delivered to the candidate when he arrives tomorrow:

Like you, we seek a new politics that goes beyond old divisions and looks to a future where we all work together to solve problems and take advantage of opportunities. We know that Americans have a deep longing for a revitalization of the spirit of America, a renewal of our quest for a just and sustainable nation.

Our nation faces a crucial decision in November. Our next President must be an individual who can effectively inspire us, challenge us, and lead us; a President who can restore hope by bringing real change to Washington, D. C. We believe you can be this leader and that’s why we enthusiastically endorse you.

In keeping with other female leaders in the state, the women on the council-- Jan Drago, Jean Godden and Sally Clark-- are siding with Hillary Clinton. Still up for grabs, however, is Gov. Chris Gregoire's vote. She's promised to announce before the Saturday caucuses.

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