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Major League IV: Scripting the Sonics Movie

"You myopic morons! The real villian in the Sonics story is Howard Schultz. He lives in Seattle, and his billion dollar coffee empire began in Seattle, but he has zero sense of civic duty or responsibility to Seattle. So he sells the Soncis to a bunch of yahoos from Oklahoma, knowing very well that they plan to move the team. Why is this so hard for everyone to see? Duh?"

-- Posted by "Mel"

"Good idea. But I'd cast Phillip Seymour Hoffman in the role of David Stern. Erik Estrada? In Stern's dreams."

-- Posted by "MarkS"

Why Do We Still Have Caucuses?

"If "regular voters" are too dim to figure out how to participate in a caucus, maybe they shouldn't vote. It's really not that difficult. Progressive organizations like Fuse are reaching out to voters make the process easier, and the Democratic party sent out mailings telling voters how and where to caucus. As a relatively new Washington resident, the caucus process was new to me, but I figured it out. The opportunity to help select the new leader of the free world is more than worth the effort. I'm excited to attend my first caucus, participate in person, and have my say."

-- Posted by "Bree Brown"

"A truly democratic election process should be simplified and easily accessible to those who are eligible to vote. If a voter agrees with a candidate's platform, he/she should be able to cast his/her vote for that person w/o having to research the steps to participate in a caucus. Many of my successful and college educated friends do not understand the caucus process. Unfortunately with many things competing for our attention and time, understanding the intricacies of caucuses does not rank on the top of our priority list. It appears to me, caucus serves to hinder the AVERAGE voter, who are far from "dim", from participation instead of encouraging involvement."

-- Posted by "Von Griffing"

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