Bremerton Ferry Riders: Leave Your Car at Home


Photo of this morning's damage sent to me by an associate.

Before I get into the logistical aspect of this nightmare, let's revisit this morning's "wind damage," as WSF has called it.

The captain of the Yakima put in his log, according to WSF Communication Director Marta Coursey, that "he was concerned about his first approach, so he was backing away and was pushed by the winds into the breakwater." The breakwater is part of Bremerton's new marina, pictured above. WSF and the Coast Guard are launching independent investigations.

The captain's story doesn't seem right to me. Let me get this out of the way, first: It was dark, and I couldn't see anything. But, I do know that the boat seemed to be cruising along famously when it struck the first item. I didn't feel any backing up at first, just cruising along and smashing into something. We then started backing up, and hit/rubbed something else, which I assume was one of the pileons, which a WSF crew member told me they had rubbed against.

I'm more than interested to see what these investigations turn up.

Here's the info-box version of what's happening on the battered WSF run between Bremerton and Seattle:

-- The Yakima ferry, damaged early this morning, is out of commission for the time being, leaving Bremerton with only one ferry.

-- Today's scheduled 6:45 p.m. sailing will be handled by the Snohomish, which y'all remember as the passenger-only ferry that was smashed with huge waves twice this week, and has been in the shop once.

-- This weekend, the Chelan boat (w/cars) will be yanked from the triangle run of Vashon-Southworth-Fauntleroy, which will go down to two boats.

-- Next week: WSF Communication Director Marta Coursey says they are about to announce the solution, which will likely include contracting passenger-only service to Bremerton. This is very bad news for every daily user of the Bremerton run (including myself), but particularly bad for those who take their car on every day. We'll bring more details on scheduling, etc., when they become available.

It should be noted that when I asked Coursey if WSF had considered moving one of the larger boats from the Bainbridge run to Bremerton to ease the pain, she said "no, that's not a consideration at this juncture."

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