Sen. Barack Obama

Last fall, I was visiting San Francisco, staying at a downtown hotel. One morning there was a lot of activity around one


Barack Obama For President


Sen. Barack Obama

Last fall, I was visiting San Francisco, staying at a downtown hotel. One morning there was a lot of activity around one of the conference rooms. It was for a special event featuring Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul.

I didn’t have any obligations until the afternoon, so I inquired about attending. I was told admittance to the event would cost $250. Being into things so political, I just couldn’t resist so I paid and was admitted.

It was an interesting discussion. Dr. Paul laid down a very libertarian perspective. He spoke against centralization and for private initiative.

He stated that health policy in the USA is driven by Wall Street and not independent doctors like himself. During Q&A, I mentioned that companies and transactions on Wall St. are private endeavors and how does that reconcile with less government? He answered how the medical industry are entrenched in Washington DC and drive much of the agenda. He outright referred to this as fascism. That’s a strong statement. And it struck a chord in me. In should be no revelation that DC is a revolving door, pay-to-play political game. Big business and government have indeed become integrated.

It’s been reported in The Guardian that I’m supporting Ron Paul for president. Since my contribution is public disclosure, it can easily be deemed as outright support. And I thank the Guardian for thinking of me. However, I am voting for Sen. Barack Obama.

I hold a libertarian ethic with many issues but I consider myself a Democrat because this political organization speaks most to my values. Though not perfect, government can and does help people. Government also protects people, be it from terrorists, burglars or the jerks upstream who want to dump their garbage in the water.

I have been an active Democrat in our state for four years. I go to the regular local meetings and to as many state meetings as I can. I am also coordinating the precinct caucuses for my county.

I support Sen. Obama because I feel he can move the United States forward. I feel connected to him because of his age. (He was born in 1961, myself 1965.) Though we must remember and learn from the past, I believe Sen Obama will move us away from the ever lingering culture wars of the Vietnam war generation. It’s also as simple as style. Obama is an eloquent speaker. Because of his heritage, Sen. Obama as president will have a huge psychological effect on our nation and the world. Globalism is here and important to our state economically. Sen. Obama promises to be the friendly multi-cultural face of a healthy, just and connected planet.

Readers of my column know that I’m always advocating change. The change we need is a long term endeavor. Sen. Obama is a supporter of Ranked Choice Voting. He sponsored RCV in the Illinois Senate. (Sen. McCain also is an RCV supporter.)

I’m busy doing last minute preparations for the Democratic caucuses. If you do plan on attending your local Democratic caucus, please consider voting for Sen Barack Obama.

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