When I got on the ferry in Bremerton this morning, I noticed two things: I wasn't on my usual boat, and I no longer had


WSF: Let's Give Bremerton the Boat With the Bum Hull


When I got on the ferry in Bremerton this morning, I noticed two things: I wasn't on my usual boat, and I no longer had wi-fi.

Here's what happened, as reported by our friends at Kitsap Sun, in Bremerton:

"The Yakima and Kaleetan, both 144-car Super-class ferries, swapped routes late Saturday evening because of hull concerns on the Yakima.

The Yakima was moved from the San Juan Islands to the Bremerton-Seattle route where the waters are more protected and inspectors can keep a closer eye on it.

Late in the day Thursday, after being tied up at the end of its daily run, the Yakima crew conducted its weekly inspection as required by the Coast Guard after a review of the Washington State Ferries fleet the last week of December. The chief staff engineer found a small, "weeping" deep pit in the hull plating and immediately notified the Coast Guard."

That's right. The hull's bad, so Bremerton's the obvious spot to put the WSF waste.

Wi-fi is still available on the Tillikum (I'm on it now. It's running late, of course), so I'm getting service for half of what I paid. Ironically, my account was billed today for another month of service. WSF has yet to respond to my request for further information on the situation.

UPDATE, 9:53 a.m., Jan. 29: Parsons, the company supplying wi-fi to Washington State Ferries, says it will not outfit the Yakima with wi-fi while it's on the Bremerton run. Monthly subscribers will be refunded, depending on how long the boat is in service, and riders are without wi-fi. The boat is scheduled to go into dry dock on Feb. 18. No word yet on which boat will replace it.

Read Parsons' entire reply to our query after the jump.

Reply from Parsons:


As the Kitsap Sun article reports this is another unscheduled change of ferry/route rotations for hull issues. We did not plan on outfitting any of the Anacortes vessels until later this year. The Yakima is only going to be on the Bremerton route for a short period, most likely until February 18th, when it goes to Todd Shipyard for scheduled maintenance dry dock time. We are committed to other necessary work on the Wi-Fi system and to move the crew to outfit the Yakima might only realize a couple of usable days prior to being moved to Todd’s. We do not believe this to be a better use of our resources at this time.

The interruption in service will only impact those on the Yakima, as the terminals, holding areas and Tillikum are still operational. We have posted the information on our website that the Yakima is down. However, should a daily user not see the posting, sign up and not be satisfied with their usage time we will provide a refund upon request. As for the monthly subscriber we will have to review how long the Yakima outage impacted their particular 30 days of monthly access and credit as appropriate.

This is the current environment that WSF is working in and we agree that paying attention to safety is the highest priority.

Thank you.


Robert A. Davis

Vice President

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