New Faces

At City Hall today. Remember these guys?



Well you voted for them and now you've got 'um. All suited up in their Sunday best and ready for action, Bruce Harrell and Tim Burgess joined their colleagues this morning for their first council briefing. The discussion was about the city's marijuana enforcement policy and each took copious notes looking at times inquisitive, but mostly solemn. Neither were visibly amused by council member Richard McIver's signature lighthearted goofing, or by council member Tom Rasmussen's quirky questions.

No, the freshman council members were focused, clearly taking seriously the new responsibility that comes with being emboldened by the public trust. They were quiet: no questions asked, no statements given during the 45 minutes I sat in, but don't expect that to last for long. These two didn't get elected for being church mice. I expect Burgess not to waste much time before coming out swinging. He'll no doubt find a platform as the chairman of the newly formed Public Safety, Human Services and Education Oversight Committee. Harrell, for his part, has taken the reins of the Energy and Technology Committee, which has jurisdiction over City Light. (More committee assignments here.) Richard Conlin is, of course, the new council president-- a post long thought to be McIver's for the taking, but his effort was hindered by charges of alleged domestic violence this fall.

All newly-elected and re-elected council members took the oath of office this afternoon, followed by a public reception currently underway at the Bertha Knight Landes Room on the first floor of City Hall. If you're in the neighborhood stop by, get to the newbies before they become overwhelmed with hearings and policy papers.

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