Here's the Internal Seattle Times Layoff Memo

As the P.I. reports, Circ will take the most direct hit. But as this recently-obtained internal staff memo spells out, whatever staffing shortages exist now are sure to exist in perpetuity. And that's likely the best-case scenario (Brian Miller will have more on the Times' struggles in tomorrow's dead tree edition, also available online). Per our source, here's the memo:

"Breaking news: The Times is announcing layoffs today, with some timed for Feb. 17 and July 1. First, the good news. There will be no layoffs in News, at least for now. Instead, the Times is going to let attrition continue to whittle away at the size of the staff. As for content and other changes, no official word as of yet, said Chris Biencourt, vice-president of Labor Relations.

There is a staff-wide News meeting today at 4 p.m., so content changes may be announced then. The layoffs in the Guild will come from Circulation, especially Home Delivery: Two District Advisors (one position is already unfilled), seven Assistant District Advisors, and two Home Delivery Managers will be eliminated as of July 1. One Clerk and three Zone Clerks will be laid off Feb. 17. All the Field Assistants will be reduced to 19 hours per week, which will make them ineligible for medical insurance.

No reductions in Advertising or Composing. However, Biencourt said, company wide about 86 positions are either going to remain unfilled or not be filled if employees leave them. There will be some layoffs among employees represented by Teamsters Local 763. These 86 positions do not include about 80 Transportation employees who have been told their jobs will be outsourced."

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