Denny's in the News

First, Robert Jamieson details how drunken/disruptive/occasionally violent late night customers and loiterers have led the SODO Denny's (Seattle's last) to close it's doors on late Saturday nights. It's a bummer of a story, but kudos to Jamieson for using the word "numskulls"; I'd been hoping for "hooligans", personally, but as always, the piece was boosted by a foray into archaic lexicon.

Also in the P-I, the Landmark Preservation Board is at it again. This time, they've held a preliminary vote to designate the 15th and Market Denny's a landmark, potentially thwarting a big condo development deal. Anybody else detect a whiff of underhanded downzoning--especially given other recent landmarking news (such as Peter Steinbrueck's sweeping and seemingly rushed list of downtown buildings to preserve)?

PS--Denny's, if you're reading this, bring back the Veggie Cheese Melt. I loved that sandwich. So did my mom.

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