Comments of the Week: Is it Really News That People Hit Queen Anne to Get Laid?


In case you haven't noticed, you can now leave comments on EVERY SINGLE ARTICLE we publish. You've always been able to toss in on the blogs, but now you can spout off on our restaurant reviews, music stories, columns, and everything else.

Here's a look at a few (unedited) thoughts left on articles over the last week:

There Goes the Gayborhood

"At first I was sure this was some sort of deviant doublespeak goof - perhaps a 'smart' response to Keister's recent endorsement of Renton?

I may be wrong. I do suspect though that Kent's new business sector is more a coincidence - drawing on the entire diaspora of South King County rather than any particular concentration within that City.

Kent is also the best city in the entire region for the DIYer looking for something they won't sell at Lowes or Home Depot. FWIW a queer eye for the straight guy thing might just play in that city. If done, and priced, right.

As for gay communities down south - I think it much more likely in either Tacoma or Olympia - though I don't actively research the subject..."

-- Posted by "Douglas Tooley"

"I have to agree. It's not that there is more gay people, it's that it's a good, central location for people in South King County. I was a frequenter of Trax when I lived in Federal Way, and I'm so happy to hear that there are more. People came from all around to be there. As someone who grew up in the community, it's wonderful to see the change."

-- Posted by Casey

iPod Backlash

"Very interesting piece! While sitting bored in an airport waiting for a flight, I tried listening to different styles of music on my MP3 player while watching people walk by. I was amazed at how differently I perceived people's expressions and body language depending on what I was listening to."

-- Postd by Bill

"I see the point, but I had a SONY walkman strapped to my teen head through the entire 1980's...isn't that the same thing?? The next device will come out, and this article will be repeated again. Maybe in another 20 years, maybe sooner. Nice big words, though ("glucocorticoid enzyme levels"! Oooo!). ;)"

-- Posted by Frederick Good

Lower Queen Anne: The New Herpes Triangle

To say that Queen Anne is a diverse neighborhood with something to offer everyone is to say that a potato is flavorful and exotic compliment to any meal. Your review of what Queen Anne is all about is pretty much dead on, but your interpretation of your findings makes me think you've never been outside of Queen Anne (or you went to some junior college like WSU). Also it seems from your examples that Queen Anne is a pretty hard place to catch herpes. Alot of examples of terrible girls shooting down terrible unwitting penises in suits that they borrowed from their dad. Now obviously I understand that your typical writer for the Seattle Weekly probably isn't getting a lot of tail so there's not going to be many success stories (by that I mean penis in vagina) so I don't blame you for not having stories to prove your point (obviously people are getting laid and biology has run it's course). This story just seems to state the obvious, "many people go to bars to get laid and Queen Anne is a terrible terrible place to meet interesting people."

-- Posted by Chad

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