Afternoon Edition: Headlines You Need Before Happy Hour


Thunderbird pic courtesy of our friends at

Another Purging at Tully's

Geez, good coffee, nice people work there. Why's it so hard for this company?

Know the UW Hammer Attacker? You Could Get $1,000

Things Looking Good for McIver

Judge rules that jurors won't get to hear contents of 911 call. Kiner-McIver expected to say she made the whole thing up if she testifies.

New York Times Loves Seattle's Lingo

Trading Sex for Wine Turns Violent

Woman injures "John" with bottle of Thurnderbird. Only in Bremerton.

Idaho's Re-Thinking Its Election-Day Liquor Ban

Huh, maybe getting all soused up before we cast our ballots last November is the reason Prop 1 lost.

Steve Jobs Unveils Ultra-Thin Notebook, New iPhone Features at MacWorld

Machine should work great for at least 6 to 10 months.

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