Afternoon Edition: A Weekend's Worth of Cocktail Chat


St. Helens stirs again.

Thar she (sorta) blows! Mount St. Helens is steaming.

The car salesmen that stole thousands from a schizophrenic man are back in court.

Repeat vehicular-offender Rabbi Ephraim Schwartz, who crashed into Tatsuo Nakata, killing him in a crosswalk in November 2006, is found guilty of assault.

If you were one of the 3,000 people Washington Mutual laid off just in time for Christmas, don?t expect your job back. They reported a nearly $2 billion loss last year.

A former US northern border guard denies letting a woman bring pot in from Canada in exchange for sex. Paid yes, but a bribe to allow illegal substances into this country? Absolutely not.

Only former SW editor Knute Berger could find an analogue for Iraq in the South Lake Union streetcar.

Forget to get your bike off the bus? You may have donated it to kids in Ghana. Good for you.

Bobby Fischer?s final checkmate.

And because I get to put the list together today: Washington State bounces back after losing to UCLA and crushes Oregon State.

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