Unpopular Baby Names

Some alternatives to Emma and Jacob.


News is slow during the holiday season, so thanks to our state Department of Health for revealing the top five baby names for 2006. For girls, they were Emma, Emily, Ava, Isabella, and Olivia. For boys, Jacob, Alexander, Ethan, Logan, and Daniel.

As usual, it's up to Seattle Weekly to dig up the other, more important side of the story. That being: What were Washington State's five least popular baby names for the same period? Here they are for both sexes, ranked, in descending order.

Boys: 1) Moqtada, 2) K-Fed, 3) Dubya, 4) Borat, and 5) Little Dirty Bastard.

Girls: 1) Britney, 2) Tyra, 3) Angelina, 4) Posh, and 5) Chlamydia.

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