Training Day


I was supposed to fly in this morning from Spokane. With a house full of people using all the hot water, trying to finish packing, getting breakfasts and desperately-needed coffee, and deciding who needed to go along when they took me out to the airport, we were running a little late. Luckily I didn't have to check any bags and had checked in online so I thought I'd be able to breeze right through to security and up to the gate.

Not so. They were training new security agents at the entrance to the terminals. With each bag and boot that went through the x-ray, the trainer pointed out to the trainee exactly what he was looking at. A scan that lasts seconds if you remember to take out the nail clippers was up to several minutes as the line backed up behind me. I realize this has to happen at some point, but on the day everyone's trying to get back to work?

To be fair, my plane ended up being delayed anyway due to heavy snowfall. So alls well that ends well. May the new guy at Spokane International (they fly to Canada) keep us all safe.

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