Catch That Crook

My younger brother had barely been working at a Tacoma bank (that shall remain nameless) a couple of weeks when they were robbed. It was a takeover, meaning the guy pulled a gun and made everyone hit the deck. My brother happened to be in the break room. He sheepishly told me later that he quickly rushed to the door and locked it before calling in the cavalry. As far as he knows, no one was ever caught.

I bring this up now because the FBI just sent over a photo of this guy:


He's thought to have hit five Washington Mutuals and a couple of credit unions in Kirkland and the north suburbs recently. His latest was last Saturday--the WaMu at 14400 124th Ave. NE in Kirkland. He's described as about 5 feet 8 inches, about 150 pounds and in his twenties. They sent over a couple of other photos as well and in each he's wearing the same hat, different hooded sweatshirt. He's been dubbed the "Beaker Bandit" because of his prominent nose ala this guy:


FBI spokeswoman Roberta Burroughs says they aren't disclosing how much he's taking, but he isn't actually sticking anyone up, just passing notes to tellers. Still, if you see a guy in a striped beanie and hooded sweatshirt that looks oddly like a Muppet character, exercise caution.

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