Bremerton's Mayor On the Mosquito Fleet


I had a conversation yesterday with Cary Bozeman, the mayor of Bremerton, a city with some experience in the fast foot ferry business. Beyond explaining how his city could continue its renewal without a 30-minute ride to downtown Seattle, he had the following to say about the mosquito fleet:

"Once we do get a passenger-only ferry reinstated, we need it to make the run in less than 30 minutes. The technology is there and the hull is there. They're all over the world. We'd have to be idiots not to be able to figure this out and do it. And we're not idiots. So, I don't even consider for a minute that we won't be able to reinstate. I think there'll be passenger-only ferries between Everett and Seattle, Tacoma and Seattle, Port Orchard and Seattle, Bainbridge and Seattle. I don't have any doubt that the mosquito fleet idea is a great idea. There are a lot of ways to make this work."

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