Big Media Gets Smaller

It's like getting two magazines in one!


Several of our former SW colleagues work at Seattle and Seattle Metropolitan magazines, though we can never remember which is which or who works where. Because their editorial product is so, you know, distinctive and classy. All that excellence just blurs together. So it was with enormous relief that we read a press release earlier this month from Seattle magazine, stating that its overall distinctiveness and classiness would be enhanced by the incorporation of the previously distinct (and also classy) Northwest Home + Garden, which is published by the same parent company.


Not that that magazine is going away! Says associate publisher Melissa Vail Coffman:

"Northwest Home will still be its own magazine and have its own cover, separate art director and editor; it will simply reside in the pages of Seattle magazine and reach a wider audience--all at no additional cost to the consumer"

Phew. We are so relieved. Where else could we find 50 bold new ideas in floor coverings? So while the bimonthly insert (beginning next month) will, ahem, reside in new quarters--like a parasite inside a host?--this is not a case of two minus one equaling one. It's two minus one equaling two. Is everybody clear on that?

Oh, but the media consolidation doesn't stop there. SW has learned that several other local publications are following Seattle mag's new math. To wit:

The Stranger will now reside inside Seattle Gay News.

Seattle Metropolitan will now house the Little Nickel shopping gazette.

Web site Crosscut will now be hosting the Internet dating service Bears Seeking Bears.

Puget Sound Business Journal and the Seattle Daily Journal of Commerce will take turns burrowing into each other's pages, since no one can tell them apart anyway.

ColorsNW magazine will take up residence within Seattle Auto Trader.

Facing our own challenges in the publishing world, Seattle Weekly has generously agreed to provide lodgings for The Fishermen's News. (Look for my new column, Hake, Halibut, and Herring, in next week's issue.)

And The Seattle Post-Intelligencer's Sunday edition will now come wrapped and almost impossible to find inside the much larger The Seattle Times. Oh, wait...

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