Who's Nobler: Noble or Nobles?


No idea. But lest you last-minute voters get confused: Jim Nobles is the Republican challenger trying to unseat incumbent King County Assessor Scott Noble. Noble was first elected to the post in 1992. This would be his fifth term. In 2003, he beat perennial candidate Richard Pope, who ran as the Republican, 63 to 36 percent. (This year Pope's running as a Democrat against embattled King County Council member Jane Hague.)

Noble, in his voters' pamphlet statement, boasts that citizen appeals to the assessor's office are at a 10-year low. Nobles, a former Monorail Board member, says he has a track record of keeping promises to voters. He cites as proof helping to close down the Monorail Board, which he calls a "dysfunctional agency." This isn't the only office he's run for this year. Nobles, who describes himself as fiscally conservative, socially libertarian and environmentally progressive, filed briefly in the spring for the open Seattle City Council seat presently being battled over by Bruce Harrell and Venus Velazquez. He says he pulled out because the support simply wasn't there. Nobles also maintains he didn't jump into the assessor's race to exploit the average voter's ability to be easily confused.

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