The New Male Majority

Testosterone rules on the school board.


The current school board.

Looking at the faces of the all-but-certain new Seattle School Board members this morning, one thing struck me: Three out of the four are male. Peter Maier, Harium Martin-Morris and Steve Sundquist will join member Michael DeBell to give the seven-member board a male majority for the first time in recent memory. DeBell currently is the lone man on the board, reflecting a male-to-female ratio that has been pretty consistent over the last decade. Unfortunately, when something?s a female ghetto, it usually reflects its low prestige. The public seems to be coming to the conclusion that it can?t afford a low-prestige board any more, not with schools closing, constant budget cuts, new enrollment lines being drawn and the ongoing achievement gap. The business community obviously made that decision, given all the money it poured into the race. If that?s the case, that?s a good thing (school board directors should probably be paid more than a token amount of money too), no matter how much testosterone is or isn?t on the board.

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