Rep. Curtis, R-Homo?


Richard Curtis, from The Columbian

It?s almost not news anymore when another ?pro-family" Republican politico is arrested or outed for homsexual acts, although there remains a story about the mysterious air east, or to the Right, of the Cascades. Of late there was Boise GOP Sen. Larry Craig and earlier Spokane Republican Mayor Jim West doing the not-homo-just-perverted non-denial denial. Now a Westside pol, state Rep. Richard Curtis from La Center, Clark County, visits Spokane and, apparently instantly, slips into a dress and has sex with a man. Furthermore, he calls up the cops and tells them about it (claiming his sex partner tried to blackmail him) while also effectively admitting to a crime, patronizing a prostitute.

Anyone that dense shouldn?t have access to taxpayer funds, and Curtis resigned yesterday - not because he?s gay, he suggests, but because he isn?t. That led to a debate this morning on his hometown newspaper?s Website: Is it sex or lifestyle or both that certifies you authentically gay? Can you be a little gay? Semi-gay? Or is that just bi? Is a male politician who votes against gay rights but has sex with men a hypocrite when he?s not participating in a lifestyle, just a little debauchery? And what would God think? "Ah yes, the so-called `religious? right," says one commenter. ?Can't get rid of 'em, can't shoot 'em. Wish they'd just stay out of other peoples' bedrooms is all." Or out of men?s rooms, city hall, or porn stores at 3 a.m.

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