Medved Joins Discovery


The Discovery Institute has generally stuck to its "intelligent design should be taught in schools" platform, eschewing other faith-based politics favorites like gay marriage and abortion. You can read our look at the evolution of the creationist group here.

But today they announced that conservative talk show host Michael Medved is joining their ranks. Medved goes full throttle for the right on the social issues.

"Michael Medved is an intellectual entrepreneur, a political and cultural polymath with great insights, judgment and wit. We are delighted to have this new relationship with him," Discovery Institute President Bruce Chapman writes on the blog.


I put in a call to the Discovery Institute to see if Medved's arrival in the fold signaled any kind of intention to begin exploring and commenting on issues outside the Intelligent Design agenda. An email arrived this afternoon with a statement from Chapman saying: "We are not responsible for all of the views of our fellows, and our fellows are not responsible for all of our views as an institution." Which of its fellows views the Institute considers itself responsible for was not clarified.

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