Fisken For Mayor!


So the race for Port Commission Position 5 continues to turn in favor of trade consultant, and friend to Orcas, Bill Bryant. The people have spoken and they clearly want change, booting commissioner Bob Edwards in favor of upstart Gael Tarleton 52 to 46 percent and giving Bryant a two percentage-point edge at the end of yesterday's count. It may be too early for Fisken to concede, but it's never too early to plan that next step. City Hall could sure use his straight-shootin, no-bones-about-it take on public service. Yeah, the monorail might not have worked out, but his experience with that debacle may come in handy now that the region once again must start from square one on transportation-- and Fisken's current post in the city's Office of Policy and Management has no doubt given him some insight into how to run the agencies, particularly City Light. Plus, this whole industrial lands debate isn't going away. Would be useful to have a mayor who's seen the situation from both sides of the water.

C'mon Alec, don't fade into the sunset. Dust yourself off and get ready for 2009!

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