Candidates Flood the Phones

They fail to leave an impression on my eight-year-old.


Gael Tarleton does good phone

Last night, I came home to an automated voice-mail message from schools activist Angela Toussaint. My husband deleted it before I heard the main message, but I bet anything she was calling on behalf of Seattle Public School Board member Darlene Flynn, or one of the other school board incumbents in serious danger of losing their seats. Is it just me or has anyone else been getting a flood of candidate calls this year? In past election seasons, I?ve gotten maybe one or two. This year, I?ve heard from not only Toussaint but former City Councilman Jim Street on behalf of Flynn, from Congressman Jim McDermott talking up King County Prosecutor hopeful Bill Sherman and from Port Commissioner wannabe Gael Tarleton (who read her script about alleged Port mismanagement with flair. ?You know the headlines,? she cracked.) The other day, I was interviewing a health official who was interrupted by a candidate call on his other line. Then there was the call that my eight-year-old daughter answered. ?Yeah, yeah, okay,? I heard her say as I waited for her to hand me the phone, as usual. Instead, she hung up. ?Who was it?? I asked. Somebody who wanted her to vote a certain way, she said, but for whom or what she couldn?t remember

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