P.R. Industry: Last to Go Green?

Given that green is the new gold when it comes to business and marketing, I'm amazed to see the kind of unbelievably wasteful crap that still gets delivered to offices like ours in the name of P.R. Witness today's delivery from Alvin Goldfarb Jeweler. Lovely people I'm sure. But really, was it necessary to send over a shopping bag, tied up with several fabric ribbons and paper cards, stuffed with multiple sheets of some kind of waxy metallic-colored paper, underneath which is buried a shiny coated gift box (of a size that might hold a sugar bowl), also tied up with fabric ribbons, and inside of which is another shiny coated box, of the type that usually contains jewelry, lined on the interior with fake felt, and containing some other kind of strange coated paper on which is printed an invitation to the opening of their beautiful new Seattle store? Can any of this crap be recycled? I've no idea, so I'll toss it in the trash. Thanks Alvin, but next time, an email will make a better impression.

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