$eattle Loves Obama

Madison Park gives big; Hillary who?


In the money horserace at least, the Seattle metro area is overwhelmingly backing Democrat Barack Obama for president. Donors from Seattle, Bellevue and Everett have given $680,000 of the $740,000 so far contributed statewide to his 2008 White House campaign - three times the total of Hillary Clinton. (In stark contrast to Obama's totals here, Portland-Vancouver donors are supporting Republican Mitt Romney, giving $437,000; Obama comes in fourth down thataway).

Obama contributions have come from around the Sound but, says the Center for Responsive Politics, a leading $63,000 of it came from one Seattle zip code, 98112. That's the rarified landscape from the middle of Capitol Hill to Lake Washington, and the shipping canal to Denny Way. Included are many of Seattle's wealthiest (and whitest) neighborhoods, the moneyed lakefront and Broadmoor enclaves among them. The 98112 donors have also given $43,000 to John Edwards and $17,000 to Clinton; the top GOP money raiser in that area has been Romney, $6,000.Statewide, Obama is No. 1 in Bellingham, Bremerton, and Olympia. Romney is tops in Spokane, Yakima and the Tri-Cities. Edwards is the leading money-getter in Tacoma. Clinton? She tops nobody's list.

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