No Two-Minute Garrison Keillor Poetry Reading?

I quit!

Florangela Davila reports today that Ken Vincent, the familiar KUOW voice and producer of "Weekday" and other shows, has quit in a huff. He's unhappy with a lot of changes at the station, but "the last straw," Davila reports, included the station dropping "The Writer's Almanac." Excuse me? For those of you unfamiliar, that is a five-minute poetry reading, along with recitation of authors' birthdays, done with Norman Rockwell-esque sentimentality by Garrison Keillor, followed by a piano-lullaby outro. Hey, I like Billy Collins as much as the next fool, and I certainly respect anyone who quits on an issue of principle. But of all the things to quit over? Why not quit because you can't stand hearing the theme music to Morning Edition's "Climate Connections" series even once more?

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