Bubbles, Loops & Spheres


Bubbles, Loops & Spheres

At Greg Kucera for three more days.

  • Bubbles, Loops & Spheres

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    Image Courtesy of Greg Kucera.

    In the middle of Greg Kucera's front gallery sits a messy, spilling, sharp-edged tangle: Tara Donovan's Toothpicks. On opening night, a small child asked what would happen if you pulled one toothpick out, wondering if the whole piece might disintegrate. A few loose picks scatter on the floor, though this rectangular sculpture, with toothpicks poking out of it in all directions, has a feeling of solidity, something necessarily lacking in Donovan's prints, also on display. Combining etching chemicals and liquid soap, Donovan used a straw to blow bubbles into the liquid, and captured individual bubbles to place them on treated plates. These works are literally bubble prints, ethereal and delicate, and yet very finely detailed, double-printed in blue and black to give a sense of the bubbles floating off the plane of the page. Visit the back space for Always a Pleasure, a sound shard installation by Angela White: pieces of porcelain and sea glass rigged to an interconnected system of strings (and an old fashioned record player) move to self-created music.

    On view until Saturday, August 25.

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