What's the deal with the Seattle Poet Populist contest ? It's where you, the viewer/listener/reader, get to choose who you want to represent Seattle in


Chad Goller-Sojourner for Poet Populist

Our meet the candidates series keeps going...

What's the deal with the Seattle Poet Populist contest? It's where you, the viewer/listener/reader, get to choose who you want to represent Seattle in the world of verse for the year to come. For those who can't make the readings but want to vote in a learned, discerning manner, our primer—in which each candidate is asked the same grueling set of questions—continues.

Candidate #3: Chad Goller-Sojourner, 35, Central District Forum for Arts & Ideas.



What was the last book you fell in love with?
Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing by Judy Blume.

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What is your role in the organization that nominated you?
Selected to participate in their year-long new works Creation Project
Who is your favorite poet?
I stopped having favorites around third grade
What’s your favorite poem right now?

See above
What would your campaign slogan be for running for Seattle Poet Populist?

A vote for me is a vote for me.
Your campaign’s theme song?

Anything by Amy Grant
Who is your biggest celebrity crush?
Andy Garcia
Can you share an anecdote about poetry touching your life?
I believe poetry has the capacity to heal not only myself but others in places we perhaps didn't even know we were broken.
What movie character do you most identify with?
Miss. Celie of The Color Purple
What is your biggest notable oddball talent?
If you couldn’t write any more, how would you spend that excess time?
I'd complete the many other projects/task that often go unfinished because I choose to write.
How long have you been writing?
Five years.
What poem has made you feel most uncomfortable? Has made you cry?
My People-by Piper McKenzie.

Have you ever used poetry to win someone over or get them in the sack?
No, but I'm not above trying.
What's the most irritating aspect of the poetry scene?
Responding the unrelated questionnaires.

What are a few lines from a poem you’ve written that you’d consider one of your best?

From "Sitting in Circles with Rich White Girls Memoirs of A Bulimic Black Boy":

I once begged a pairing knife to steal my pulse from Jesus, prayed an old frayed hanging rope would steal my breath from God. But salvation came in the form of a restroom stall, there I found shelter and self-preservation, though merely twelve square feet and constructed of cold ceramic tiles and graffiti-resistant stainless steel partitions, it would become my safe harbor, a private sanctuary
Why should you win?
Because I get the most votes-on the other hand if I don't get the most votes I shouldn't win.
If elected Poet Populist, what would be your first order of business?
Eating cake with friends


To vote for Chad, go here

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