Boeing Fiasco?

Border security project said to spy on locals.

Alexander Cockburn's Counterpunch blog says the Boeing Co's plan to construct a government surveillance system - including a 98-foot spy tower - along the U.S.-Mexican border, has turned into a high-tech "fiasco." Some Arizona residents are even planning a lawsuit to halt spying on U.S. citizens, says Counterpunch.

In Arivaca, residents are fighting mad about the spy tower, which was built without consulting them, less than a mile from town. "You can not see the border from that spy tower, because of the mountains. The only thing you can see is Arivaca," says one woman living in this community of 2,500.

Boeing, which is subcontracting part of the project to Israel's major defense contractor, last year won a multibillion-dollar federal contract to build the 6,000-mile system in an attempt to curb illegal immigration.

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