The Mexican Does Broadway

NYT profiles our bilingual rabble-rouser.

The New York Times has a glowing Sunday Styles profile of Gustavo Arellano, aka "The Mexican" of "Ask A Mexican" fame. Herein, the Mexican fills us in on his life's aspirations: "Though Mr. Arellano's job description may be professional Mexican, his ambition is decidedly American: he dreams of being the host of a one-hour radio show about 'The Simpsons,' which he cites as a major influence in teaching him how 'to be hilarious and offer substance at the same time.' For now, he has another book due for Scribner that is part memoir, part history of Orange County. With his advance in 'the mid-six figures' for the two-book deal, he bought a 1974 Cadillac Eldorado convertible. But always instructive, he noted that doing so was not necessarily a Mexican thing. 'The Mexican thing would be to buy a humongous truck,' he said. 'That would be Mexican.'"

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