Charity...that's so hot

Four area college students are biking 4,000 miles from Seattle to Washington D.C. to raise money for disability awareness.

Would you bike 4,000 miles to raise money for people with disabilities? Not many would likely answer the call, but three Washington State University students and one University of Washington student will be riding from Seattle to Washington D.C. over 68 days. To top it off, they're frat boys from the Pi Kappa Phi fraternity.

The team, which is raising money for Push America's Journey of Hope, will be kicking off 8 a.m. tomorrow at the Olympic Sculpture Park, 2901 Western Ave. Apparently, 25 other Pi Kappa Phi members around the country are also biking for Push America. But, the boys from Seattle will be riding one of the farthest routes, aiming to average 75 miles a day.

Rock on dudes. Charity rules. Hope you have cushy seats.

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