Attention SIFF-heads!

Don't miss this week's continuing coverage...

Brian Miller and his team have written up merciless reviews of no less than 46 of the SIFF films showing this coming week. A few highlights:

"If Delirious is inconsistent in tone, maybe that's because DiCillo has finally learned to laugh at everything that used to make him retch."--Brian

"One would reasonably expect a French film called Oh La La! to be, if not bawdy or titillating, then at least mildly entertaining. That's not the case."--Frank Paiva

"In its occasional lucid moments, Goya's Ghosts plays like a crumpled-up draft novel by Alexandre Dumas (interleaved with the torture manual from Gitmo)."--Brian

Be sure to check it out in today's print version, or online. It's the best SIFF coverage in town.

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