Re: Green Challenge at City Hall

Godden's consultant: Bring it on.

Cathy Allen, who's working as a political consultant on Seattle City Council member Jean Godden's re-election bid, says the Godden camp's preparing for a challenge from Green Party candidate Joe Szwaja and that every indication is that he'll run against the one-term incumbent and former newspaper columnist.

As I wrote earlier, Szwaja's filed with the city, but he's not yet announced his intention to run or who he plans to run against.

Allen says she'd expected that if someone challenged Godden, it would be a more conservative candidate. She says Godden's got "pretty darn good" environmental credentials, not to mention a long list of accomplishments and good name recognition.

Her message to Szwaja: "If he's running on the Green Party mantle, come on in, the water's fine."

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