MSNBC Gets Its Freak On

Huan Hsu makes his TV debut

Following the success of his original story that explored ways in which high schools are cracking down on less modest forms of dancing, SW's own Huan Hsu has made the leap to cable news. Click here to see Huan Hsu--now an official "freak dancing expert"--offer his take on the entire matter, including the 45 degree rule, on MSNBC.

Also of note is that when I first landed upon the link via MSN Video's "Most Watched" clips, it was #6--more popular than both the clip of Rosie O'Donnell and colleague Elisabeth Hasselbeck sparring on "The View" and the clip of a security tape in which a woman on a motorized scooter snatched another old lady's purse. Congratulations, Mr. Hsu!

Update: Sadly, I've since been told that the above link is dead! This one, or Googling Huan Hsu and MSNBC, might work.

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