Good things happen in threes!

Gawande, Palahniuk, and Fish Sex: What's a reader to do?

Why do things always happen in clusters? I'm sure a physicist would have a decent molecular-level explanation, but I can find no such logic when it comes to events. And yet, it always friggin' happens.

For example, I'm screwed tonight because there are three reading-type events taking place that I need to get to:
Atul Gawande's essays in The New Yorker always make me grateful that there are doctors who haven't yet taken to seeing all humans as mere machines and objects; he's reading from his new book, Better, at the Seattle Public Library. And yes, it's great.
Chuck Palahniuk is reading at Town Hall from his new book, Rant. I'm sure Palahniuk fans will love it. Last time I saw him read, he threw rubber limbs at audience members who correctly answered trivia questions. He was funny and charming and smart--yet really nerdy and eager to please, much like the time Crispin Glover's character in Back to the Future became an author.
And finally, Milton Love, author of Probably More Than You Want to Know About Fishes of the Pacific Coast will be giving a lecture, "Illegal in Six Southern States: Tales of Fish Sex," at REI.
"In this R-rated frolic, the aptly named Dr. Love takes us on a roller coaster ride through the sordid underbelly of piscine reproduction," the press release says of the research marine biologist.

Who am I kidding? I'll see you at REI!

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