Let's say you've been approved for a $2 million loan or cashed out of the hi-tech gold rush before the bubble burst and have a


Town For Sale

Which would you rather buy: an entire historic Columbia River business district, or a single private residence in Seattle?

Let's say you've been approved for a $2 million loan or cashed out of the hi-tech gold rush before the bubble burst and have a pile of loot  at your disposal. Which would you rather buy, a large home with a view of downtown Bellevue near Holy Names Academy on Capitol Hill, or a picturesque Southwest Washington town's entire historic riverfront business district? Thanks to the town of Skamokawa -- which my dear friend Skip Berger says has been described as "the Venice of Washington" -- and Seattle's San Franciscan real estate market, this question is anything but hypothetical. To wit, the press release announcing the sale: "The Skamokawa Old Town Center, situated on the Lower Columbia River, is for sale for $2.198 million U.S. dollars as of today. Skamokawa, located in southwest Washington less than 90 minutes from Portland, offers premier access to the Lewis & Clark Trail and world-class kayaking. The old river town dates back hundreds of years when it was the site of a Wahkiakum Indian village. As indicated in their journals, on November 7, 1805, the great explorers Meriwether Lewis and William Clark stopped in Skamokawa to trade for food and beaver pelts. The first white settlers made Skamokawa their home in 1844 and the town boomed from 1890 to 1910 with the logging, commercial fishing, and dairy farming. In 1976, Skamokawa was designated as a National Historic District.
Skamokawa Center comprises a group of historic buildings and businesses known as the Skamokawa Inn, Meeting House, Shoreline Hostel and Apartments, Kayak Touring Center, and the Old General Store. The Old General Store includes a café and the Skamokawa U.S. Post Office.  The Inn, General Store, Meeting House, and Kayak Touring Center are listed on The National Register of Historic Places. Skamokawa Center also features 56,742 square feet of undeveloped land including 402 linear feet of pristine shoreline and 125 linear feet of creek frontage. The Center is protected by two great national wildlife refuges whose borders meet just outside of town-35,000 acres of islands and sloughs of the Lewis & Clark National Wildlife Refuge and the 5,000 acre White-tailed Deer National Wildlife Refuge.
Skamokawa Center is strategically positioned for continued growth in the lucrative domestic active travel market. In a time when participation in outdoor activities is decreasing, involvement in paddle sports such as canoeing and kayaking have increased, together growing over 31.8% between 1998 and 2005 according to the Outdoor Industry Association. All inquiries or requests for additional information should be submitted or directed to Brian T. Mullis of Small World Co.  Mr. Hofmann, the owner of the company, and company management should not be contacted directly. For more information, contact Mr. Mullis at 503-488-5500 or email brianm@smallworldco.com."

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