The Bicycle Master-Lock Plan?

Freedom of the press is fine, but where am I supposed to park?

Much has been written, and much more will be written, about the city's new $240 million Bicycle Master Plan, which is apparently the greatest thing since sliced bread and cute puppies. The dailies cough and yawn, since most of their readers commute by car (or bus), and live in the suburbs. We've been a little more skeptical at Seattle Weekly, even though there are generally many bicycles wheeled inside our offices, mine included. Another local alt-weekly, once in love with the monorail (which we opposed), has adoringly covered the Master Plan like it was Howard Dean (or, again, the monorail). More power to them, we say, since some ex-SW writers now pedal their bikes to Cap Hill, and we salute their powerful quads.

But when I had to grind my way uphill to the hospital district this morning, looking for a place to lock my ride outside the medical clinics on Madison, what should I find chained to the only available bike rack? A certain orange and blue newspaper box bearing a familiar, rival logo. That sends a great message to readers. I guess next time I'll drive.

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