That was some Hanukkah Eve!

Or Thursday or whatever.

It's always fun when the mainstream culture tries to get down with the Jews and their crazy folkways. The latest effort is by the National Weather Service, who've announced a winner in the (previously unknown to me) competition to name the December windstorm that knocked out power for weeks: The Hanukkah Eve Windstorm of 2006. That's really some awesome multi-culti awareness. Trouble is, as with most Christmas-addled misconceptions about Hannukah, there is no freakin Hanukkah Eve. Jewish holidays start in the evening. Hanukkah started at sundown on Friday night, December 15--or what, for Jews, is effectively the start of Saturday. The windstorm happened on Thursday at 4 o'clock. As with all things, the Onion sums it up best.

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