Obama Buster

Jim Webb is m'darkhorse du jour. Chuck Hagel, too.

Understandably, there's a conception that exists that the Democratic primary is a two horse race: Obama v. Clinton. But just as understandably, a few pundits have reminded folks that there's inevitably going to be a surprise candidate that puts the fear of God into the frontrunners, if not topples them altogether. My pick for this Cocktober surpirse is freshman Virginia Senator Jim Webb, he of the massive forehead and unassailable Defense record. A Webb candidacy would come before the midpoint of his Senate term and would make total sense if the Dems feel like they need a warhorse to challenge John McCain instead of an elitist wanker from Chicago, a shoe that will fit nicely on either Obama or Clinton in Republican attack ads. On the Republican side, my darkhorse is Chuck Hagel, who's '08's McCain if he wants to be.

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