More Money, Ron

$380,00 not enough in county open-records case.

Ron Sims' long irrational nightmare is NOT over: The state Court of Appeals today decided the record $380,000 awarded to Armen Yousoufian for the county executive's failure to cough up all the hidden background documents on the building of the Seahawks' stadium just wasn't satisfying enough. Get serious and pay the real penalty, said the court. "The purpose of Washington's Public Disclosure Act is best served by basing penalties principally on the degree of the offending agency's culpability," the court concluded. "Because King County's conduct in this case was grossly negligent, a penalty at the low end of the statutory range is unsustainable. We thus reverse and remand to the trial court for a determination of an appropriate penalty that is consistent with this opinion." By the way, almost ten years after he first requested the public record on how Paul Allen was able to get taxpayers to build him a stadium for almost nothing, Yousoufian still doesn't have all the documents he asked for. Earlier stories here and here.

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