Candidate Eyeing School Board Race

Schools First prez likely to run.

In a year when seemingly everybody has bashed the Seattle School Board as dysfunctional, potential candidates are starting to think about trying to replace Sally Soriano, Darlene Flynn, Brita Butler-Wall and Irene Stewart, all up for election this year. One person who's likely to throw his hat in the ring: Peter Maier, president of Schools First, a citizens' group that supports school levies. "I'm leaning in that direction," says Maier. As a lawyer, Maier brings the kind of conventional credentials bound to please the types who think the board has drifted too far into loony land, and his would-be opponent, Soriano, is among the furthest out. Other people said to be contemplating a run include Sherry Carr, a Boeing manager and Seattle Council PTSA president, who says: "I don't have any public statement to announce at this point." Meanwhile, current board members are weighing whether or not to run for re-election. "I'm giving myself some time to decide," says former board president Butler-Wall.

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