Shower With a Buddy

A literal interpretation of the mayor's KEXP global warming message.

After a week on the fritz, I got the KEXP preset button on my crap '85 Volvo stereo to work on the way home from playing hoop tonight, and was subsequently greeted by Mayor Nickels' global warming PSA. In a script obviously authored by station promotional staff, the mayor encourages listeners to "take shorter showers," and ends his message with the line: "showering with a buddy helps, too." Quite obviously, "buddy" in this context is meant to cutesily refer to a romantic partner. But I must say, my mind jumped to a couple twenty-something hetero guys out of college taking the mayor's "shower with a buddy" message to heart. "Hey, bro, care to join me in the shower before we head out to Peso's? I'll soap up your upper back for you." Good times.

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