"Holiday" trees at Sea-Tac

Litigating the Jews: a Bad Idea

My favorite line in today's Seattle Times story about the controversy over Christmas trees at Sea-Tac is this quote from a Port of Seattle flack: "[the Port] didn't want to be in litigation with the Jewish community." Kind of reminds me of that SNL ad for Bad Idea Jeans, where you see a bunch of middle-aged white guys getting ready to play some street hoops with a bunch of black basketball players.

As a bona fide Jewish person I have to say I couldn't care less about having Christmas stuff around, even on public property. What bothers me is the phony attempt to act all innocuous by pretending all these stars of Bethlehem motifs, wreaths, ribbons and trees are "holiday" decorations. What a ridiculous lie. And when you hear the Port commissioner John Creighton say, "I felt we'd also have to put up Islamic, Hindu, Buddhist, Jewish symbols. Where does it stop?" my response is, sue the ignoramus.

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