McGavick: Good for the Jews?

This week's JTNews, a newspaper of the Seattle Jewish Federation, carries a full-page ad from the D.C.-based Republican Jewish Coalition. It shows a picture of a lone figure praying at the Western Wall in Jersualem and says, "Thank you Mike McGavick. When Israel defended herself against Hezbollah's terrorist attacks--YOU STOOD WITH US. When many Members of Congress said we should not take sides--YOU STOOD WITH US. When leaders and elected officials in other nations said Israel was wrong--YOU STOOD WITH US. You stood with us when it mattered. Mike McGavick--THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT FOR ISRAEL."

Damn, you'd think the guy had maybe personally taken down a couple of katyusha rockets. In fact, in turns out to be rather difficult to figure out what McGavick did to merit such gratitude. The Republican Jewish Coalition didn't return a call seeking an explanation. McGavick's own website shows postion papers and statements on things like tax cuts and searchable earmark database legislation but not a word on Israel.

I asked McGavick's spokesperson Julie Sund if she had any idea what exactly McGavick had done to deserve such an outpouring and she didn't know either. "Your guess is as good as mine," she said. "Mike's been fairly strong in his comments about Iran."

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