Today was Philip Dawdy's last day at the Weekly . He resigned last Friday on his own accord. Philip made some tremendous contributions to the


Dawdy Resigns, Parrish Whines

Good luck, Philip. Shut up, Geov.

Today was Philip Dawdy's last day at the Weekly. He resigned last Friday on his own accord. Philip made some tremendous contributions to the paper during his tenure, we're sorry to see him go, and we wish him the best of luck in his future endeavors.

After parting ways in a seemingly amicable manner some three months ago, another ex-Weekly scribe, Geov Parrish, has now taken on the voice of a chest-thumping faux insider whose disdain for the Weekly and its current owners knows no boundaries. The P.I.'s Robert Jamieson flagged the latest Parrish missive in his column today. Parrish is entitled to his opinion. But when contemplating his "insider" cred, let's be clear here: While Parrish was a prolific and sometimes insightful contributor, he was never a full-time staffer, never occupied a desk (at least since I've been here) and hasn't the slightest clue as to what goes on from day-to-day in the Weekly's offices, good or bad.

In person, Parrish is pleasant, intellectual and rather meek. In print, however, he's got 'tude and bravado to burn -- and is the sort of armchair quarterback columnist for whom having a colonoscopy might be preferable to picking up the phone. Personally, I can't stand journalists (and people, for that matter) who embody this sort of passive-aggressiveness, but the point here is that the post-mortem musings of disgruntled ex-writers should be taken with a fistful of salt -- not as chapter and verse.

Then there's Jamieson. Having to crank out two-plus columns per week is an incredibly daunting job that Jamieson typically handles with aplomb. But phoning in a gossip gatherer type of column without attempting to get some sort of counterweight is stooping to Geovian levels. To Jamieson's credit, he called to discuss his column -- after the fact. Here's hoping he calls prior to writing next time.

In spite of all this, the Weekly still employs an incredibly talented, devoted collection of writers and editors who take a great deal of pride in putting out a well-written, dynamic, interesting -- and, yes, unpredictable -- paper every week. It will only get better, and we thank our readers for sticking with us as we continue to move the ball down the field.

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