Goldstein and the McGavick Suit

Blogger confirms his role in helping lawyer find plaintiff.

Democratic activist, blogger, and KIRO-AM radio host David Goldstein confirms that he played a role in the lawsuit filed on Tues., Aug. 1, against Republican U.S. Senate candidate and former Safeco CEO Mike McGavick. KING-5's Robert Mak first reported that Goldstein had provided a crucial nexus in the lawsuit.

On June 16, after chatting with attorney Knoll Lowney, Goldstein says he posted a request for plaintiffs for the lawyer's developing case against Safeco on his blog, "Are you a Safeco shareholder? Are you pissed off by the $17 million golden parachute Safeco gave Mike McGavick after he announced his resignation? If you are both, send me an email."

One of the people who responded to Goldstein's request was Ashley Bullitt, liberal activist, member of the Bullitt clan of movers and shakers, and mother of Emma Schwartzman, who is the plaintiff in the case against Safeco and McGavick. Goldstein says he put Bullitt in touch with lawyer Lowney and his involvement ended there.

Schwartzman's complaint accuses McGavick and Safeco of performing an "illegal corporate transaction" when the company gave its departing CEO a $28 million golden parachute.

Goldstein's involvement will certainly raise the credibility of McGavick's claim that the suit is politically motivated.

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